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San Bernard River Bridge Replacement

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Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) asked M&M to evaluate new bridge options for their San Bernard River crossing in Sweeny, Texas on their Angleton subdivision. M&M performed a comprehensive evaluation of several alternatives including all types of movable spans as well as a fixed span. Consideration was given to channel openings, river usages, and site conditions. After careful evaluation of the movable span alternatives, a vertical- lift bridge was selected.

During the construction phase of the project, M&M worked with the UPRR to accommodate an accelerated construction schedule, and provided on-site and office construction support for the project. The new bridge is designed to be “remote control ready.” Specific services provided under the construction phase included: reviewing and managing construction documents, examining construction means and methods, on-site inspection and verification that the work complies with the design, and assisting the railroad and contractor with supporting structural, mechanical and electrical engineering services during various stages of the movable bridge replacement project.


Bridge Geometry
Total Project Length 614 feet
Length of main span 105 feet
Horizontal Clearance 52 feet
Vertical Clearance 46 feet
Lanes on Existing Structure single track