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Fore River Bridge Replacement

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M&M was a major subconsultant on this estimated $245 design-build project to replace the existing temporary bridge over the Fore River. The team was led by the White-Skanska-Koch joint venture.

The temporary bridge replaced the severely deteriorated bridge that was built in 1936 and demolished in 2004. M&M provided mechanical and electrical engineering services for the main lift span. Inspection services were provided for the existing temporary structure

The new proposed vertical lift bridge provides a horizontal navigable channel of 250’ and a vertical clearance of 175' in the open position. Extensive rehabilitation was required for the approaches to the proposed structure in addition to demolition of the existing temporary bridge and associated fender system.

As part of the construction of the proposed bridge and fender system, the Design-Build Entity was required to maintain the existing temporary structure and clearances and coordinate installation of the new fender system while maintaining the effectiveness of the existing fender system. Both structures were protected at all times from collisions with tankers and vessels using the channel.

In addition to the mechanical and electrical services for the lift bridge replacement, M&M was also tasked with the vessel collision analysis and fender protection design.

Bridge Geometry
Total Project Length 2,216 feet
Horizontal Clearance 250 feet
Vertical Clearance 60 feet (closed) and 175 feet (open)
Lanes on Structure 4 plus bicycle lane