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Lake Tillery Bridge Rehabilitation Design-Build

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The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) designed the widening of the existing historic arch bridge and the rehabilitation of the adjacent steel girder bridge. Due to the complex nature of the project, NCDOT elected to deliver the project by the design-build method. Signed and sealed bridge plans by NCDOT were provided to the design-build teams for bidding and scheduling. Design-builders also were required to develop a bridge jacking system to facilitate bearing replacement operations for the steel girder bridge. M&M served as the lead engineering firm for the successful design-build team. M&M provided project management services and designed and detailed a bridge jacking system used for the steel girder bridge. In addition, at the contractor’s request, M&M developed a modified partial demolition and reconstruction sequence associated with the arch bridge’s widening. This alternate sequence was implemented by the contractor and resulted in acceleration of the construction schedule. 

Bridge Geometry
Lengths of Main Spans Arch Bridge consists of 4 – 210-ft spans. Steel girder bridge consists of 6 spans of 137.5’ – 180’ – 205’ – 215’ - 220’ – 182.5’
Features on Structures Arch bridge 2 lanes westbound. Steel girder bridge 2 lanes eastbound.