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Gloucester Bridge Replacement

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The existing Gloucester Bridge is a single leaf Strauss trunnion bascule with and underhung counterweight.  Originally constructed in 1911, it has reached the end of its useful service life. M&M is on a team with FST/Stantec to provide design to replace the bridge (bascule and fixed approaches). The new bridge features a modified “carina” bascule pier. Design coordination includes integration of 3D modeling to ensure proper spatial functioning and integration among the various disciplines. The new movable bridge consists of two independent single leaf trunnion bascules that are approximately 63 feet long (trunnion to tip). Due to space and alignment constraints, the available area for operating machinery is quite limited. Even with these constraints, ready access for maintenance was incorporated.

The construction contract was awarded 2017 to JF White. Complex construction sequencing was required to maintain commuter rail service for the longest possible period. To aid construction, a 3D BIM model was developed for the bascule leaves. The first new bascule leaf is scheduled to be operational in the summer of 2021. Our team is providing ongoing construction support services.

Bridge Geometry
Length of Movable Span 66 feet
Total Project Length 217 feet
Tracks on Structure two tracks