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Evolving to Better Serve Our Clients

MECHANICSBURG, PA | Last fall, Modjeski and Masters did something unprecedented. For the first time in the firm’s 123 years, we acquired another company, Summit Engineering Group. This was a strategic investment to expand our bridge services and areas of expertise that would directly and immediately benefit our clients.

We recognize that the competitive landscape for bridge design services is in a state of transition. The old design-bid-build way of doing things is being supplemented by more collaborative project delivery models (such as design-build, Construction Manager / General Contractor, etc.). With federal and state transportation funds at a premium, project owners are growing more cost conscious. As a result, they frequently select designers and contractors that are proven producers of highly efficient and cost effective designs and construction products.

While Modjeski and Masters was certainly capable of delivering collaborative or cost-effective projects, we knew we could improve. Summit’s background in working directly for contractors and its expertise in the design and construction support for medium and long span precast concrete bridges which utilize post-tensioned spliced girder construction was a perfect complement to our existing skill set.

This combination of skills allows us to offer a wider range of services with the same level of knowledge you’ve come to expect from Modjeski and Masters. To showcase these new capabilities, we produced a four-part video series explaining the benefits of the acquisition. You can watch those videos here.

In the coming months, we will share additional project case studies with the contracting and project owner communities that highlight our improved ability to partner on projects and design structures of all materials. These will focus on our Four Pillars of Partnership: Innovation, Collaboration, Cost & Time Savings and Risk Management.

So, keep an eye out for future Modjeski and Masters news. As we continue to evolve, we look forward to sharing client successes and stories from the best in bridge design and engineering.