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Ralph & Frank's Road Trip

Ralph & Frank's Road Trip 

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with our founders Ralph Modjeski and Frank Masters. Begin your journey at the Modjeski and Masters corporate office in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, and set out to explore a pocket-sized United States filled with iconic bridges. Your mission is simple: claim all 10 stamps to complete your road trip.

How to Play

  • Control the vehicle: Press and hold the left mouse button and use your cursor to guide your vehicle across the charming landscape.
  • Visit Bridges: When you reach a bridge, use the right mouse button to explore it and collect your badge.
  • Pause the Game: Press "P" to pause your adventure.

Please note the game takes a few moments to load. For the best experience, we recommend playing Ralph & Frank's Road Trip on a desktop computer in the full-screen version with audio on. It is not optimized for mobile devices at this time.