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Modjeski and Masters is pleased to announce the acquisition of structural engineering firm Summit Engineering Group, Inc. Our combined engineering prowess and respective technical skillsets will enable us to provide streamlined design and construction solutions to best meet client needs.

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Burj Khalifa Access Bridge Design/Build

| View Projects: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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    SGE/Northeast Engineers & Consultants
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    Medium and Short Span Bridges
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  • Overview

    Astonishment! That was the reaction of most people across the world when they laid their eyes on the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest skyscraper, when it opened on January 4, 2010. It stands within an 11-hectare park that includes six spectacular water features, lush green gardens and colorful flowering trees. Within the landscaping are a series of context sensitive access bridges.    
    Modjeski and Masters was called upon to develop preliminary designs for several access bridges. The initial assignment included two pedestrian bridges and two emergency vehicle bridges. There were more than a few challenges. Most significant among them was having to work in a design/build environment, under an accelerated design schedule no less,  for a client located 8,000 miles and several time zones away.
    Our engineers responded by successfully developing the preliminary designs within an incredibly short six-week timeframe. The site-specific bridge designs included one two-span and one three-span reinforced concrete voided slab structure, curved in both plan and elevation for the vehicular bridges. The pedestrian bridges, which also function as viewing platforms, followed an S-shaped curvature in plan and featured multi-span steel superstructures. Modjeski and Masters was responsible for the substructure design of the pedestrian bridges. After we submitted the preliminary design plans, the client decided to reduce the scope of the project. They requested that Modjeski and Masters prepare final design plans for just one pedestrian bridge, which was now on tangent instead of S-shaped. This bridge featured a five-span post-tensioned reinforced concrete voided slab superstructure, approximately 88m in length, framed on each end by retained fill ramp structures with approach slabs. The superstructure was supported by single-column reinforced concrete bored piers.  
    Our aesthetically appealing designs were cost-effective, practical and designed with constructability in mind. Details were conceived and developed to make use of the construction equipment, materials, and expertise of the local construction workforce. However, although our designs were developed in accordance with our client’s needs, they were not constructed. Competing design packages were selected for construction, not an unusual outcome for transportation projects in the United Arab Emirates. 
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    Tasks Performed
    • New Structure – Design (Preliminary and Final)

    Bridge Geometry
    • Length of Main Spans – various
    • Total Project Length – various
    • Lanes on Structure – various
  • Testimonial

    It was our pleasure to provide conceptual designs for access bridges to the world's tallest building.
  • Credits

    Todd B. McMeans, PE (Principal In Charge)
    Michael J. Borzok, PE (Project Manager)