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Modjeski and Masters is pleased to announce the acquisition of structural engineering firm Summit Engineering Group, Inc. Our combined engineering prowess and respective technical skillsets will enable us to provide streamlined design and construction solutions to best meet client needs.

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Route 49 Salem & Alloway River Bridge Replacements

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  • Client:

    New Jersey Department of Transportation
  • Service:

    Medium and Short Span Bridges
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  • Overview

    The Lenape Indians and settlers of Fort Nya Elfsborg relied on it. People still do. The thoroughfares and waterways of Salem County are essential for travel and trade. Today, Salem County is home to parts of Route 49, a 50-mile expanse of state highway serving regional industry and shore point vacationers alike. But the New Jersey Department of Transportation needed to replace two bridges that threatened to disrupt traffic on the vital route. At the same time, they needed a solution that preserved the region’s rich history. They turned to Modjeski and Masters.
    Modjeski and Masters first developed an alternatives matrix for each bridge replacement. This included construction staging concepts that maintained traffic on the route. We identified design alternatives that least compromised the historic nature of the bridges.  Another consideration was to preserve historic considerations of the Route 49 bridge over Alloway Creek. Rather than build a new structure at another site, we recommended its replacement on the existing alignment.  To meet this requirement, our problem solvers utilized a temporary bridge that served as a bypass during construction of the new short span bridge. At the request of historic authorities, the existing bridge was also documented prior to demolition using an animated simulation. For the Route 49 Salem River crossing, our technical experts designed a new medium span bridge on a parallel alignment. Once completed, traffic was diverted onto the new bridge without delay. 
    This project featured the use of several innovative design solutions. To allow for the expansion of maritime commerce, Modjeski and Masters designed the center span of the Salem River bridge to be readily converted into a vertical lift bridge. In addition, the substructure for this crossing was designed with large-diameter drilled shafts – the first of its kind to be used by NJDOT. High performance materials were also utilized to help reduce maintenance and life cycle costs. With construction recently completed, NJDOT can rest assured that these bridges are ready to serve the region for the next chapter in Salem County’s history.
  • Description

    Tasks Performed
    • Alternatives Matrix
    • Replacement Structure – Design (Preliminary & Final)
    • Context Sensitive Assessment
    • Highway Engineering
    • Lighting
    • Construction Support

    Bridge Geometry - Rt 49 over Salem River:
    • Length of Main Span - 160 feet
    • Total Project Length - 480 feet
    • Lanes on Structure - three lanes

    Bridge Geometry - Rt 49 over Alloway Creek:
    • Length of Main Span - 65 feet
    • Total Project Length - 130 feet
    • Lanes on Structure - two lanes
  • Testimonial

    “This $21.8 million investment in the Route 49 Bridge over the Salem River is an example of our administration’s commitment to replace and restore New Jersey’s aging bridges. Even in tight budgetary times, we have an obligation to ensure that the State’s transportation infrastructure is safe and efficient.” - James McGreevey, Former Governor of New Jersey
  • Credits

    Richard A. Martino, PE (Senior Project Manager)
    Jeffrey A. Kaplan, PE (Project Manager)
    John F. Bergman, PE (Project Engineer)
    Richard E. Jackason, PE (Project Engineer)
    Tony B. Temeles, PE (Project Engineer)
    Michael L. Alestra (Technician)