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Modjeski and Masters is pleased to announce the acquisition of structural engineering firm Summit Engineering Group, Inc. Our combined engineering prowess and respective technical skillsets will enable us to provide streamlined design and construction solutions to best meet client needs.

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Joe Page Vertical Lift Bridge Rehabilitation

| View Projects:USA Hardin, IL

  • Client:

    Illinois Department of Transportation
  • Service:

    Movable Bridges
  • Status:

  • Overview

    The Joe Page Bridge stands tall along the sparsely populated reaches of the Great River Road Highway 100. And it has to. The vertical lift bridge over the Illinois River allows for the safe passage of river traffic and barges in tow. It also serves as the vital connection for nearby farming communities and river town locals – especially considering that the closest alternate crossing is by ferry boat nearly 10 miles upstream or 17 miles downstream. But given the bridge’s continuous wear and tear since being constructed in 1930, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) needed a solution to extend the life of the much relied-upon structure. To help with this undertaking, IDOT sought a trusted design firm with a proven portfolio of movable bridge experience – they chose Modjeski and Masters.

    Modjeski and Masters began by performing an in-depth inspection, including an evaluation of the mechanical and electrical components of the lift span. Next, our technical experts utilized the inspection findings to develop a Bridge Condition Report consisting of an Inspection Report, a Ratings Report and a Rehabilitation Recommendations Report. During the next phase of the project, our problem solvers developed structural, mechanical and electrical rehabilitation plans to extend the life of the structure approximately 15 to 20 years. This included numerous structural steel repairs, retrofitting and encasement of approach span piers, removal and replacement of the lift span grid deck, and cleaning and painting of all structural steel. Major mechanical improvements included the replacement of lift span wire ropes and trunnion rehabilitation. Our innovative electrical engineers also designed a new, state-of-the-art bridge operators house featuring a closed circuit television system to improve the tender’s overall vision of river activity and roadway traffic.

    Throughout construction, Modjeski and Masters provided technical assistance and final field-balancing of the lift span. Partnering meetings between IDOT, Modjeski and Masters, and the Contractor were essential to keeping the project on-track. Today, the Joe Page Bridge remains a reliable source for both vehicular and marine traffic, and a historical landmark for the City of Hardin, Illinois. Our lifecycle bridge solutions helped turn IDOT’s vision into reality. The rehabilitated structural, mechanical and electrical systems will serve their community well into the future.
  • Description

    Tasks Performed
    • Structural/Electrical/Mechanical Rehabilitation
    • In-depth Structural/Electrical/Mechanical Inspection
    • Load Capacity Rating
    • Redecking
    • Instrumentation & Testing
    • Construction Partnering
    • Paint/Coatings
    Bridge Geometry
    • Main Span – 309-ft.
    • Total Length – 1,728-ft.
    • Lanes on structure – two lanes
  • Testimonial

    Our problem solvers developed structural, mechanical and electrical rehabilitation plans to extend the life of the structure approximately 15 to 20 years.
  • Credits

    Dr. John M. Kulicki, PE, SE (Principal-In-Charge)
    Dave W. Petermeier, PE, SE (Project Manager)
    Jerilyn M. Hassard, PE, SE (Structural Lead)
    Lance V. Borden, PE (Electrical Lead)
    Jeffrey W. Newman, PE (Mechanical Lead)

    Photography by Jim French