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Ambassador Bridge Asset Management Plan

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  • Client:

    Detroit International Bridge Company
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    Highways & Other
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  • Overview

    The continued safe and efficient operation of the Ambassador Bridge is vital not only to its owner, but to the economies of two countries. It is the number one US-Canadian commercial crossing in terms of trade volume. To facilitate access to the bridge, the Michigan Department of Transportation, with the support of the Federal Highway Administration, led the development of the $220 million Ambassador Bridge Gateway Project. Along with its commitment to construct the facility, MDOT needed to make assurances that the largest single construction project they ever undertook would serve the iconic structure for the present and provide for its well-being in the future. To accomplish this, they required a thorough, formalized plan.

    The Detroit International Bridge Company turned to a trusted partner, Modjeski and Masters, to work with them, the MDOT and the FHWA to develop an asset management plan. We developed the plan with the entire life cycle of the bridge in mind, basing it on current guidance issued by the FHWA. The plan incorporates findings and recommendations of bridge specific documents, such as annual inspection reports and load capacity ratings, many of which were developed previously by our staff. Specifications for planning, programming, engineering, construction, inspection, maintenance and operations were included in the strategy. It recognizes that continued and sometimes significant investment must be made with respect to a broad set of objectives. The plan met with widespread acceptance from the owner, MDOT and the FHWA. The immediate goal of constructing the Gateway Project was realized.

    The Ambassador Bridge is an important part of our past, present and future. Modjeski and Masters was engaged by the owner to oversee the design and construction of the bridge in the late 1920s. Over eighty years later, we are still collaborating with the bridge’s owner. Our current activities include updating and implementing the activities laid out in the asset management plan to assure the continued safe and efficient use of his bridge.
  • Description

    Tasks Performed
    • Asset Management
    • Construction Support and Inspection
    • Rehabilitation Inspection
    • Load Capacity Rating
    • Gusset Plate Evaluation
    • Cable Strength Evaluation
    • NBIS Inspection
    • Strain Gage Evaluation
    • Fatigue/Fracture Studies
    • Rehabilitation Design (Preliminary and Final)

    Bridge Geometry
    • Length of Main Span – 1,850 feet
    • Total Project Length –  7,500 feet
    • Lanes on Structure – four lanes
  • Testimonial

    “… the Detroit International Bridge Company performs ongoing maintenance and repairs identified during thorough annual inspections performed by a world-class, third-party bridge engineering company. The engineers – Modjeski and Masters, Inc. of Harrisburg, Pa. - perform these inspections following the National Bridge Inspection Standards of the Federal Highway Administration.…” - Detroit International Bridge Company Website
  • Credits

    Michael F. Britt, PE (Principal In Charge)
    Dr. John M. Kulicki, PE, SE (Technical Advisor)
    Michael J. Borzok, PE (Project Manager)