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Modjeski and Masters is pleased to announce the acquisition of structural engineering firm Summit Engineering Group, Inc. Our combined engineering prowess and respective technical skillsets will enable us to provide streamlined design and construction solutions to best meet client needs.

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Maintenance of Key International Crossing Continues

10/06/2015 |

Maintenance of Key International Crossing Continues DETROIT, MI | Modjeski and Masters, Inc. (M&M), consulting engineers for the Detroit International Bridge Company (DIBC), is proud of our long-term relationship with the Ambassador Bridge.

M&M is completing an intensive inspection, laboratory testing and structural analysis of the most important elements of a suspension bridge – the main cables. The inspection of the main cables of the Ambassador Bridge includes unwrapping, separating and removing wire samples of the cable for laboratory testing at ten separate locations. The results of the on-site visual inspection indicate that the main cables are in remarkable condition. Laboratory testing and structural analysis will complete the investigation and confirm early indications.

We are pleased with the results of the inspection and the great work being done by Modjeski and Masters,” said Ambassador Bridge President Dan Stamper.

As part of its Asset Management plan, DIBC has completed a number of large revitalization projects in recent years which M&M played an important role, such as the Main Span Deck Replacement from tower-to-tower over the water, miscellaneous steel repairs, painting and concrete substructure rehabilitation. All of these projects increase the lifespan of the structure and safety of the traveling public.

M&M just completed the engineering and design for a Bridge Railing Replacement project. Construction for this project is to begin immediately and will complement the recently completed Main Span deck replacement project that included replacement of the Bridge Railing on the main span.

M&M is also pleased that the construction of a new Maintenance Ramp (approach replacement) project in Windsor should start in the spring of 2016, following Transport Canada approval which is expected later this year.

This project includes construction on a new Canada Border Services Agency commercial on-site facility which will enhance national security,” said Stamper.

M&M is pleased to play an important role in the revitalization of this historic and iconic structure,” said Michael Britt, Senior Vice President of M&M.

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